Growing bright minds through science and the natural environment!

WeGrow is Kaplankaya’s original, homegrown tech learning center that connects your child with nature

and environmental challenges. Our dedicated team offers

hands-on projects to develop children entrepreneurial mindset in a wall-less environment.

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WeGrow Kaplankaya educates for sustainability through science with a passionate community. Our children-centered approach empowers us to be tomorrow’s leaders!

We change the world together as communities. We work and play together to inspire and encourage each other to create new paths and become agents of change.

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A  few steps from the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, our homegrown educational Community center inspires open minds, open hearts, and a great love for Kaplankaya’s natural surroundings and our neighbors around us.

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Why WeGrow Kaplankaya?

To combine nature and science in a joyful environment

To stimulate children's imagination  and creative skills

To initiate children to think like entrepreneurs

"Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge: 

Knowledge means to know yourself, heart and soul."

Yunus Emre